I look around and total destruction is all that I can see.
I live in GermaNAZI with blood soaked earth under my feet.
Staring on german steel and human ashes in my dirty hand.
Death is a dark-minded master from my motherland.

Day by day … MORE TERROR … I hear.
Bury my love, hide my fear, cut my ear.
The slaves of a sick system try to suicide me.
Maybe they'll succeed. But, I won't leave without a legacy.

Those fascists I'd like to burn with all their seeds.
While stabbing this dying nation as long as it bleeds.
Your hate against political public relation I'll try to feed.
Eat my words, get off your knees and meet me on the street.

Free yourself from living a lost life as an ordinary servant.
Cut off all devious heads of this suffocating serpent.
Total destruction is just the result of a single thought
realizing that there is no master and almighty god.

The whole planet turned into a kill zone.
Easy meat for any hungry predator drone.
Fire lines are crying missiles into the skies
Reflections of total destruction in my eyes.

Total destruction. Justice can be grim.
Fucking up fat cats - to me it's not a sin.
The final battle is about to begin.
Listen to the increasing street fight din.

Day by day … MORE TERROR … I see.
Trying to repress the killer instinct slumberin' in me.
But, hate rules us. Sending our sons and daughters
to cross foreign borders to rape and slaughter.

Fierce fanatics are overrunning fallen states.
Delegates of the hate that a holy book creates.
Dead bodies used to be laid into wooden crates.
Nowadays, bomb craters are the modern graves.

Birds with iron feathers swaying as a swarm
through oily clouds, bullet rain and metal storm.
Peace signs painted on their weaponed shape.
Red dots sprayed on everything that tried to escape.

The whole planet turned into a kill zone.
Easy meat for any hungry predator drone.
Fire lines are crying missiles into the skies
Reflections of total destruction in my eyes.

Total destruction. My most gracious gift to you.
I can turn fertile fields into a poisoned brew.
I drink fresh water and spit out infested chunks.
I inhale clean air and exhale the smell of skunks.

Day by day … MORE TERROR … I taste.
They call food what belongs into plastic waste.
My body is the mirror of every mutated DNA string.
Changed into a thing that you only can call disgusting.

Animals with human ears stitched on their ridge
are the definition of a progressive scientific switch.
The advanced ape is building his insane bridge
to godly power from a blood covered ivory tower.

Instead of just enjoying the beauty of a simple flower,
lifetime is wasted every day in the urban rush hour.
You're looking for true love. But, see what you get.
Some porn and a virtual pet in the world wide web.


Total destruction. That's all I want at least.
You call me man. But, you better call me beast.
Listen to the sounds of the urban jungle and its strolling gangs.
Melodies played on deadly instruments by careless hands.

Day by day … MORE TERROR … I feel.
Hardly can't divide what is nightmare, and what is real.
Like a man of war stuck inside my troubled head.
Barfing burning fire and coughing liquid lead.

Shadows with glowing eyes are gliding through the streets.
Blasting away bullet rounds and angry Hip Hop beats.
Aggressive intoxication fed by unreleased frustration.
Turns out to be the most effective killing application.

Every corner in my hood was a stage for a homicide.
Violence glorified. Sex, money, murder. Emotional suicide.
Here comes my instruction for this sick construction.
Embrace and caress the menace of total destruction.


released April 5, 2015



all rights reserved


INFILTRATOR#1 Mexico City, Mexico

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